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2014 Winter Campout - Batavia Kill Lean-to January 24-26

UPDATE: From secretary Bob H. (minutes from Keegan Ales Brewery meeting Friday 1/10/2014)

So the "meeting" went well. Here are the highlights:

Vinie and Joe Houston. may go in on Wednesday
Joe S., Bob, Dean, and probably others will meet at Selina's Diner in Tannersville about 9:00 Friday
Art, Harald, Tom and others will head in early Saturday (Art may hike in in the dark Friday night)
Some may come in and visit on Saturday...depending
A hike will probaly head up one or more of the "Trimounts" around 10:00 on Saturday

2013 - Feb. 15-17 - Howe's Camp, Phonecia NY

The Winter camp-out is scheduled for February 15, 16 + 17 at Howe's camp in Phonecia, NY. Thank you to the Howe family for allowing our sorry asses to vegetate there for 3 days in a incoherent state from being intoxicated.

The moon phase will be a waxing crescent. The illumination of the moon disk on Friday is 28% fraction of the moon. Saturday will be 37%... which could change to a full moon depending on Harald.

X-treme Ice Racing - Jamestown NY

If you combine the glitter and glamour of Las Vegas with professional well organized events, intense competition, breathtaking excitement, you will have XiiR. The racing series consists of several fast-paced heats with lightening quick Speedway Motorcycles and highly modified ATVs built and prepared specifically for oval track ice racing.

Tickets: $20
Apr 15 - 16
Starts: 7:30pm

Jamestown Savings Bank Arena
Jamestown NY

Old leanto

This is cool...

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My Drupal Group Denied!

I wanted a Woodstock Drupal group to support those coding on medications - what to look out for, blah, blah - I should have replied to a request for more detail... can re-submit the group if I care to...


Wednesday, Feb. 23, from 6 – 8 p.m. – ““GIVE A HOOT” OWL HIKE,” Esopus Meadows Preserve, Esopus, Ulster County – In the Esopus Meadows Environmental Center, enjoy an introduction to owls and how to mimic their distinct calls—then take a hike along the moonlit Hudson River in search of these majestic birds. Contact Anthony Coneski, 845 473 4440 Ext. 273, Directions: Crossing the Mid-Hudson Bridge from east to west, take Route 9W north for 10.3 miles. Right on River Road. Proceed 1.3 miles. Entrance on right

Basic info needed

WCO Information needed: Dates? Leanto name? Pictures of the leanto? Who was there?
- thanks!


I have pictures for older years 2003 & 2004 maybe older. Where are the tabs for them. Come on lets get with the program.

Bob's lunch


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